Promoting the quality of milk and meat production



Global milk production is estimated to be around 700 million tons per year, and beef accounts for roughly 25% of all meat intake. The demand for both is rising sharply, so additives play an important role in improving the bottom line of ruminant production.

MICROWISE offers several feed products that can directly benefit cattle and dairy farmers:

™ silage additives - acids and salts of organic acids are used as silage additives. They preserve grass, corn and clover and prolong storage stability

™ MI feed preservatives - all animals benefit from a healthy feed free from mold and bacteria   ,  and            can be used to acidify milk replacers

 SR butyrins stimulate early rumen development

The MICROWISE Group is a world leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products are added to a wide range of products used every day at home, work or leisure.




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