Provide your poultry with safe feed for optimal performance

Over 100 million tons of poultry meat and 65 million tons of eggs were produced in 2012. Optimizing poultry production and maintaining high standards of food safety are clearly important issues in the poultry industry. MICROWISE’s key area of expertise lies in protecting poultry against pathogenic bacteria and optimizing digestion and gut health.

​The Microwise  contains products from salmonella-inhibitors to powerful antibacterials.             (COLI CARE , MICRO LAC ,GLUCAMOS and ZEMOS ), that improve gut health and performance .

And our  enzymes are used to increase the nutritional value of the feed grains and vegetable protein sources in poultry diets.





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A feed additive is a food supplements for Poultry that cannot get enough nutrients from regular meals that the farmers provide and include vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals. In some cases if an animal does not have some specific nutrition in its diet it may not grow properly. The nutritional values of animal feeds are influenced not only by their nutrient content, but also by many other factors. These include feed presentation, hygiene, digestibility, and effect on intestinal health. Even with all of the benefits of higher quality feed, most of a farm animal's diet still consists of maize, wheat and soybean meal because of the higher costs of quality feed.

The MICROWISE Group is a world leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products are added to a wide range of products used every day at home, work or leisure.

The quality of the water offered to broilers depends on several physical, chemical and microbiological parameters. Bacteria, molds, minerals and water additives interact in the water source, and within the pipelines and drinkers. These interactions complicate the management necessary to guarantee the best water characteristics for optimum broiler performance.

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