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MICROSTART  Plus Benefits

Better feed conversion .                   Dryer manure.
Decreased mortality .                        Increased weight gain.
Increases digestive capabilities.      Enhances immune response.
Acts as a prebiotic.                            Decreases stress.
Improves bio availability of feed.     Helps regulate fluid balance.

The MICROWISE Group is a world leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products are added to a wide range of products used every day at home, work or leisure.

Recommend usingMICRO START Plus 1-3 times weekly.

Application Instructions

Inject MICRO START Plus Stock Solution into drinking water using medicator’s or automatic system.

5 gallons of Stock Solution will treat 640 gallons of drinking water.

Handling and Storage

Use only as intended. Though this product is non-toxic and nonhazardous it is not suitable for human consumption. The manufacturer assumes no liability, expressed or implied, in the use of this product.

Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 6 months.


Probiotics for chickens are an important topic.  There have been a number of scientific studies describing how the use of humates and probiotics can positively impact bird health, increasing flock weights, decreasing mortality rates and in hens, increasing egg production and shell hardness.

ZEMOS takes poultry probiotics technology to the next level by introducing beneficial levels of Humic and Fulvic acids to the formula.

What you want seems almost impossible to attain: A bigger, stronger, healthier bird. You want a bird less susceptible to disease, that puts on healthy weight effectively and efficiently. Now with ZEMOS you can achieve that goal.

ZEMOS is Biology Optimized for Birds. There are other poultry products on the market offering probiotic microorganisms aimed at improving gut microflora. However, ZEMOS poultry probiotic takes this technology to the next level by introducing rich organic acids to the formula as well as activated carbon. 

The combination of these sources in a highly concentrated formula provide your flock with the protection they need. ZEMOS is simply a great answer for probiotics for chickens.

Want to see the entire ingredients list?  Here are the powerful poultry probiotic ingredients

Looking for ZEMOS Instructions or Directions for Use?  Click Here.

​Coli - Care  is our second probiotcs product 

Coli care prevents colonization of Clostridium perfringens, 
bacterial pathogen that causes necrotic enteritis

Establishment of Beneficial Microflora.
Reduction of Mortality Rates.
Inhibition of intestinal pathogen growth.
Increase Size and Quality of Eggs

for instruction and more detail of Coli - Care  click here


MICRO START Plus is a unique blend of amino acids, trace minerals and Direct-Fed Microbials. This combination is the key to fully unlocking feed potential and supporting optimum gut microbiota in young animals protecting them throughout the production cycle.

Using a blend of multiple Direct-Fed Microbial species combined together in optimal concentration achieves the most favorable levels of systemic toxin elimination, enhanced immune response and maximized nutritional intake of available feed ingredients.



Mixing Instructions


For drinking water Stock Solution add the applicable Level Rates below to One Gallon of water.


Level 1 6 oz / gallon 1st week of age - continuous
Level 2 4 oz / gallon 2-3 weeks of age - continuous
Level 3 2 oz / gallon 4-8 weeks of age - continuous
Level 4 1 oz / gallon Maintenance Level


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Derived From
Proprietary nonbacterial liquid formula: amino acids from plants, enhancing agents, trace minerals and stabilizers

First Aid
Eye contact: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.